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Fire Spin

Fire Spin is a Twenty five Line Game by IGS. It has a retro theme that includes fruits, bars, and sevens. Win in both directions when playing fifty or more.

Three or more Fire Spin symbols will trigger the Bonus game.  There will be one chance to spin the wheel.

Land on a number to multiply your win

Land on Jackpot One to win Jackpot One

Land on Jackpot Two to win Jackpot Two

Land on Jackpot Three to win Jackpot Three

Land on Fever to enter the Fever Game

The Fever game will consist of five free spins.  When playing fifty or more points there will be five additional win lines added and all lines will win left to right and right to left.  The Fire Spin Girl symbol will appear in the Fever game and she will make the first two reels become giant symbols.  When the Fire Spin Girl symbol appears in the Fever Game again she will make the last two reels become giant symbols to increase the players winning opportunity.

The Flamed symbols only appear on the first and the fifth reels.  Any Flamed symbol on the screen triggers the Feature game.  If the Flamed symbol appears on the first reel it will make the entire first and second reel become the same flamed symbol.  If the flamed symbol appears on the fifth reel it will make the entire fourth and fifth reel become the smae flamed symbol.  There can be a chance for a first and fifth reel Flamed symbol on a spin, but each reel can have only one Flamed symbol at a time.

XGA High Resolution Graphics

25 Liner with Hold Feature

3 Levels of Jackpot; Progressive or Random

Fire Spin Bonus Game

Fever Game

Flaming Feature Game

Touch Screen Supported

Hand Count, Score Box, and 10 Times options

Max 5 Tickets per Game options

Linkable with the Diamond Progressive System

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