Cabinet Assembly
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Precise assembly and quality finishing means
better products that last.
Line of cabinets, ready for wiring.

Build them to withstand the ages.

Building everything to commercial use standards means we want your project to last. Custom kiosks, bars, sales counters, storage installations, and arcade games all need to stand up to repeated contact and wear. We use industry superior reinforced joints and quality furnishings and casters to make sure your job can take the beating of customer interaction. We also build for security which is especially important for our coin-op customers. We will tailor your build exactly to your needs and build it with the care it deserves.
Whether you need 1 cabinet or 10,000, we strive to help you deliver a superior product no matter what we're building.

"Your customers deserve better built products."   

• Assembly of plywood, metal and melamine cabinets
• Industry tested, quality components and joinery
• Robust T-mold or edge binding for high durability
• Quality commercial builds custom tailored your projects needs

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No minimum orders. Prototypes and new ideas welcome. We want to accommodate your process and keep the communication open to ensure your project is everything it needs to be, even if you're still figuring it out. We are ready for those last minute revisions!
When it comes to manufacturing, We want to become your partner. We bring our best to our customers and we intend to be there for you through the whole process. You can rest easy knowing your projects are in good hands.
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For nearly 35 years, We've had the honor of working with many customers time and time again because we give them something they just can't get anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a run of 1 or 10,000, We bring consistent quality and the service you expect!
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