Routing and Laser Cutting
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You need cutting done precisely? We can help with that!

Let us lay it out for you.

We are capable of handling a wide variety of materials, be it wood, melamine, plywood, plastics or metals. We currently have 7 routers and 2 laser cutters, as well as access to our metal shop for custom metal components. Our shop is fully capable of doing most jobs in-house, saving our customers time and money.
We don't just work on full builds, we'll cut for smaller jobs or outsourced parts as well. Not every shop has all the capabilities they need to get the job done and we're happy to help your business fill a gap! If you just need routing or laser etched/cut parts we can source materials, lay out, cut and ship your parts where ever they're needed. Contact us for more details.
Whether it's part of a larger job or you just need that one part outsourced to get the job done, we're here for it all!

"Put us up to the task."   
We can help with:

• Custom routing of wood, plywood, plastics, melamine etc.
. Laser cutting and custom etched parts
• Engineered layouts for the best economy on 4x8 or 5x10 sheets
• Custom metal parts

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No minimum orders. Prototypes and new ideas welcome. We want to accommodate your process and keep the communication open to ensure your project is everything it needs to be, even if you're still figuring it out. We are ready for those last minute revisions!
When it comes to manufacturing, We want to become your partner. We bring our best to our customers and we intend to be there for you through the whole process. You can rest easy knowing your projects are in good hands.
Demonstrated Excellence
For nearly 35 years, We've had the honor of working with many customers time and time again because we give them something they just can't get anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a run of 1 or 10,000, We bring consistent quality and the service you expect!
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