What we Offer

Contract Manufacturing - From Concept to Shipped!

Here at Fun Company, we live for Contract Manufacturing and Prototyping. Are you looking for a reliable manufacturing partner for an existing product? Need a prototype build to weed out any production issues? Maybe you need to rework an existing product to make it more affordable to produce.

We've partnered with many companies just like you, big and small! We know how risky it can be to launch that new idea but we can help you navigate these first steps to get the next great idea off to the best start possible! We also know how hard it is to find a company that can do your entire project. Few companies can do everything we do under 1 roof! We just might be the only service you'll need to get your idea to reality. No matter the scale, we can make it happen.

It all starts with a quote! Regardless to where you're at with your idea, we can make sure that idea will work for your market, meet and exceed the qualifications required, and keep cost manageable. We know it's a big deal bringing your idea to the masses. With our expertise, we will see your project gets it's best foot forward. Also, If required, we can build to UL, ETL and QPS standards for any project. We are also experienced in building for the European RoHS Standards.

We pride ourselves at being a One Stop Shop. That means there's a good chance our In-house team has a specialized department for exactly what you need headed by someone experienced and ready to help!

Need help with just routed or lasered parts, wiring, or printed graphics? We're here to help with the smaller jobs too! Not every shop has all the capabilities they need to get the job done and we're happy to help your business fill a gap! Some jobs may just too big to fill with your current equipment. If you just need routing or laser etched/cut parts, your pre-build project wired, or stickers printed up or applied, we're happy to help.

We are capable of handling a wide variety of materials, be it wood, polycarbonate, or metal. Our graphics department can design and print stickers or direct printed parts for your product and send them out to you.
Our history in arcade manufacturing has made us experts in many different spheres so feel free to ask "can you guys do that?"...because there's a good chance we can!


Engineering image with caliper and blueprint

First off, we'll go through a quoting process. We know the numbers are important so with your provided information, we'll give you the most accurate quote we can to help you make the best decision possible. Once you approve the quote, For most projects, it all starts with the first prototype.

Our engineers will start off with the latest CAD software and build a 3d version of your project. Maybe you already have a CAD? Even better! Our engineers will build up from there. They know what works and what doesn't on the production line and will communicate any issues with you quickly, saving your bottom line even before a single material is cut.

Our assembly teams will work with you to determine the optimal install of the heart of your project: be it monitors, computers, power requirements, lighting, buttons or more!

If your project requires graphics, files will need to be provided(or designed by us) and gone through to make sure all elements will fit the project properly. They will be printed and applied so you get the full picture of what the final project will look like when complete.

Since almost every process can be done in-house, prototyping can move quickly, shortening development times from months to weeks in some cases.

Depending on your market, we might be able to put your product out on test locally so issues can be fixed in real time and real data can determine your project's course.

Routing & Assembly

Once the prototype is approved, we can get you off and running with full scale production no matter what scale you need.
Need just 1 off to put out on test? Need 1,000 in a short timeframe? We can do that! (with enough warning, anything is possible!)

Once our Woodshop has the approved files from our engineers, it's go time. Our Woodshop team, equipped with industry leading tools, 7 computerized routers, 2 large flatbed laser cutters, and years of experience will expertly mill and build all necessary parts to your project. Our expert cabinet builders will ready the bare cabinet prior to cleaning and prepping them for wiring and assembly processes. Some projects, if no more processes are needed, will be cleaned and sent to quality control before packaging.

Contact us for more details!
Line of cabinets, ready for wiring.

Wiring and Art

Components wired.

Our assembly team will then install all electronic components, computers, and harnesses. All components will be checked that they will optimally preform before and after production. Our team will work with any components you require and will install them consistently throughout the run. Lights, monitors, sensors, computers, buttons, security alarms...if it needs current, we can handle it!

Our Graphics Department is a little hidden away, but we assure you it is quite capable. Our graphic designer can handle any artwork you provide, making files print ready and pixel perfect for production. Need design work? We're happy to help make your project look great. We are also capable of printing up almost all artwork in-house. Between our 2 60" wide solvent printers, 24" epson photo printer and our 4x8 flatbed UV, almost anything you need can be done right here eliminating the need to pay for outside printing and shipping, saving you time and money.

For processes that are needed that we don't provide(screen printing for example), we partner with accredited local partners for consistent quality and the workmanship you deserve. We also install full decal wraps here so whether your have a little logo decal or an entire wrap that needs to be installed we've got you covered (pun definitely intended!)

Finishing, Packing, and Logistics

Once your project is finished, our Quality Control team will go through and leave no stone unturned, making sure your product is ready, works consistently and looks great. Products receive a final cleaning and are signed off on by Quality Control. Then it's off to boxing.

During the prototype phase our engineers will help you determine the safest and most efficient way to package your product so it reaches your customers in the same condition it leaves our dock.

We are happy to coordinate your shipping needs! Our Logistics team knows the industry and can recommend the best way to get your products to there final destination. If you already have a reliable shipper, let us know how we work with who you are comfortable with.

Funco Truck, ready to deliver.

Your Journey

Well, you've made it this far...Did you find the info you needed? We know every project is a different and if your looking for something specific please contact us! No matter what you need done, we can tailor a plan to your specifications and get your customers what they need, on budget and on time!

Contact us for more details!