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Our in-house engineering team will get your project off to a great start and ready for production, no matter the scale.
Engineering image with caliper and blueprint

First things first.

Every project needs a blueprint to ensure it is completed precisely and that everyone involved is ready for the next step. That takes the trained eye of an engineer.
Our team will ensure your project build goes smoothly and can assess any structural issues or conversions needed to get your project completed as economically as possible. They know what works and what doesn't on the production line and will communicate any issues with you quickly, saving your bottom line even before a single material is cut.

"Starting your project off on the right foot."     
We can help with:

• CAD drawing or STEP file creation
• 3d rendering for prototyping
• Ensure all projects components come together cohesively
‍• Assessing  current builds for maximum material economy
• Quoting for new projects
• Setup of cutting files for router, laser, or other cutting process

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No minimum orders. Prototypes and new ideas welcome. We want to accommodate your process and keep the communication open to ensure your project is everything it needs to be, even if you're still figuring it out. We are ready for those last minute revisions!
When it comes to manufacturing, We want to become your partner. We bring our best to our customers and we intend to be there for you through the whole process. You can rest easy knowing your projects are in good hands.
Demonstrated Excellence
For nearly 35 years, We've had the honor of working with many customers time and time again because we give them something they just can't get anywhere else. Whether you're looking for a run of 1 or 10,000, We bring consistent quality and the service you expect!
Take that next step!
Today is the day to contact us about your next project. Get more information, get a quote, or just say hi! We'd like to show you how Fun Company is doing contract manufacturing differently.
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