Electrical Assembly
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If it moves, lights, senses, plays, counts or all that at once: we'll make it work!
Components wired.

All of your components in concert.

Usually the most important part of your project, the electronic components have got to be assembled and wired correctly and consistantly across the entire production run. Monitors, buttons, meters, power supplies, lights, sensors all have to work together to make your project do what it was built to do. Luckily we have a lot of experience as well as multiple electricians on hand to ensure your build's electronics work exactly as you intend them to. We also can help you determine what your project requires to be complaint with local and international standards. We can test out configurations for you as well to ensure that the right amount of power is going to the right places and that your build will work reliably in the field for years to come!

"Wiring can be the most complex part or your project."   

• Wiring of cabinet components
• Conforming to local and international standards
• Ensuring electrical conformity throughout entire run
• Experience electricians on hand for troubleshooting

Electrical Assembly
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