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Aladdin’s Adventure

Aladdin’s Adventure is a twenty five line game by IGS.  Players will enjoy the interactive Bonus game along with other features that will keep them playing.

When three or more Jackpot symbols appear in the game the player will win one of the Jackpots.

Five Jackpot symbols on the screen results in a Jackpot one win

Four Jackpot symbols on the screen results in a Jackpot two win

Three Jackpot symbols on the screen results in a Jackpot three win

The Lamp Genie will appear randomly during the main game and hit certain symbols.  The symbols that are hit by the Lamp Genie will turn to Wild symbols to increase the players winning chance.

Aladdin will randomly appear in a game.  He will run across the screen and drop a bag of points to the player.

When three or more Scatter symbols appear in Aladdin’s Adventure the Lamp Scatter game will be triggered.  In the Lamp Scatter game, players have a chance to either win prizes directly, enter the Aladdin’s Gold Bonus game, or enter the Lamp Genie Free game.

In Aladdin’s Gold Bonus game, players can pick Golden Jars and win prizes until Exit is picked.  If a player chooses Up or Take All the player will advance to the next round.  In the second round the player can pick the Golden Chests for even larger prizes.  The Bonus game will end if Exit or Take All is picked.

During the Lamp Genie Free fame the player will be awarded five Free spins.  All Lamp Genie symbols that appear will collect in the right upper corner.  When the Free games finish, all of the collected Lamp Genies will return randomly to the reels for one last Free spin.

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