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At Fun Company we help make ideas a reality. Napkin sketches come to fruition. A simple thought a solution. We foster an environment of creativity, intellect, and perfection. We encourage philosophies, notions, concepts, and theories – because without them innovation is absent. You are the brains behind origination, and we are the firm that resourcefully makes it happen.

Fun Company is a principal contract manufacturing firm that focuses on streamlining a turn-key operation for the production of your vision. As the hands of time continuously call for new methods, technologies, and equipment to evolve and improve, Fun Company ensures a commitment to adapting with change – assisting productivity, lead times, quality control, and logistics. Our philosophies in manufacturing will bring your idea to life, and we’ll treat your project as if it was our own.

In most cases, building a dream may be a cumbersome process, and although many innovators believe a “do it yourself” approach is the key to sustaining the highest profitability, that is not always the case. Even if your project appears simple on the surface we are here to assist with consulting, and many of our clients ask themselves, “Why on earth would I try to do this myself?” after further exploring their project. You can learn more about the benefits of contract manufacturing, and the realization of greater profits and larger market coverage by utilizing Fun Company.

We have been building games and utilizing Fun Company for manufacturing our products since 2001.  The communication, craftsmanship, and quality is second to none, and we look forward to continuing work with them for years to come!

Jerry Korbecki

Product Manager, Sega Amusements USA

We couldn’t be more thankful or excited to have Fun Co as a partner. We have been doing business for several years, and there is no other who can compare to the quality of their products. Couple that with their constant innovation and personal touch they give servicing our account and you have winning ingredients. Amini’s looks forward to many more successful years with this great company.

Arash Amini

CEO, Amini’s Home, Rugs & Game Room

Design & Consulting

Merely submit an idea, napkin sketch, or rough draft and we’ll get started.

Building & Assembly

From raw materials to final products and everything in between.

Packaging & Logistics

Custom packaging, pallets, and shipping options for intercontinental or international markets.

Sales & Marketing

Our experienced and devoted sales staff can sell ice to an Eskimo, and our marketing team will ensure your target audience knows about your product!

We work with you from the start

All it takes is an idea, a sketch on a notepad or even a napkin and we will help build your vision.

Any Sized Job

If you need 3 or 3,000 products, we can help make your vision become reality!

We do it all!

Commercial, retail, home, tradeshows.
Wood, metal, glass, plexiglas, acrylics, plastics.
Design, build, wire, quality control, ship.