Graphics Department

The Graphics Dept here at Fun Company provides a variety of services from adding your logo to a game's marquee to designing and producing full wraps for arcade games. A good looking game is a profitable game and we can create custom bezels, marquees, and decals to fit all your needs. Customize with game specific art or we can match your establishment by adding your logo and style.
Arcade games can get new life with brand new graphics. We have access to old-school arcade art to turn that beat up arcade game in the corner into a eye-catching(and quarter-catching) centerpiece again. We use the industry standard software and equipment to product your custom order for the highest quality. If you have the will and the software you can create your own art and we can produce it, contact us for details.

If you do decide to sent us photos and logos to incorporate into your design, we do have some guidelines to ensure quality. We recommend all logos either be vector or high resolution. When I say high resolution I mean if you printed your logo on a 11 x 8.5 copy paper it would mostly fill the whole sheet and would look crisp and clear, not blocky and blurry. This goes for photos as well. If it doesn't print off nice on your home printer it probably won't print very well here either. If the logo you have is all you have to work with, don't fret! We can re-create or redesign your logo to work with your custom design when necessary.

Your establishment doesn't have a logo? We can help you with that too. We can create high quality vector logos for your use for signage and business cards, talk to us for details!

  • Max Force Area 51
  • Midnight Castle plexi
  • Mortal Kombat in a Funglo V3
  • Purpal Golden Tee in a Funglo V4
  • Slips Saloon plexi
  • Squirreles plexi
  • Superbooth
  • Worlds Fastest Drummer