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Welcome to Fun Company!

We are the leader for Arcade, 8-Liner / Video Pokers, Cherry Master / Cherrymaster, Contract Manufacturing, Service, Repair, Support, Graphics, Packaging, Logistics, and Much More!

We have multiple cabinet styles available for virtually any game - all designed and built to your needs at our manufacturing facility in New Lisbon, WI.

What’s HOT or Trending you ask? Our fieriest selling cabinet, the FunGlo V4 pedestal. It features glowing edge-lit acrylic which is fully customizable for laser engraving your name, logo, picture, and just about anything else you can imagine. Our multi-color LED lights really make your custom design pop, and with the included remote you can change the colors, set fades, flashes, strobe effects and more! The cabinet looks great in all settings, but in a low light area it truly shines... literally! Connect your game to your favorite TV, or add the LCD Display Stand accommodate your cabinet! We also offer the FunGlo V3 pedestal, available in red, green and blue edge-lit plexiglass.

Looking for a full size arcade cabinet, or do you like the retro look? Look no further than our Commercial Series! This all-in-one solution is available both a 26" and 32” commercial LCD display. Everything you need in one cabinet, which is easy to move, boats solid construction, and yet with a small footprint!

Our FunGlo and Commercial cabinets are the only on the market capable of “Dual-Kit” software with Incredible Technologies games – which means you can have two hit games all in one cabinet! Mix and match any Incredible Technologies games, Golden Tee Live and Silver Strike Live, Golden Tee Golf with PowerPutt, or even an old Silver Strike 09 with Target Toss Pro: Bags - any combination you prefer - available with the push of a button. You can learn more about “Dual Kit” games here. Have your own kit from IT? We can install it for you or ship the cabinet to you “kit ready”. We can configure for home use or add coin mechanisms, and/or dollar bill acceptors, for commercial environments. Our cabinets work with most JAMMA compatible games as well, so feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Looking for something more retro? Check out our the Classic Upright Arcade and the Classic Cocktail Arcade. Both are designed to feel like the old school game cabinets of the 80s, but in a new cabinet featuring 19" or 26" LCD display. Compatible with most available JAMMA games.

Fun Company has its own dedicated graphics and art department. Pick from our pre-existing designs, or work with our artists to create your own – we’re one phone call away and we can help create your vision! Vew several of our past projects here!

Looking for other products – commercial or residential? Contact us! If you want to tweak one of our existing cabinets, or you need cabinets of your own design, or have our engineering staff help design a new product for you, we can handle it! Quantities are not important, so go as big or small as you prefer! Arcade, redemption and claw games, crane games, photo booths, kiosks, vending, trade show displays, and much more. Our contract manufacturing services, which focus in the amusement industry, can help make your idea become a reality!

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